LA CASA DI FANO is an ancient and elegant building dated back to the middle of the XVIII century. Its rooms have been recently offered to the guests who want to dive into the wonder and the history of the "città della fortuna". The building, indeed, belonged for years to the chemist of the town, Doctor Ilari. Since he had no sons, he left the house to his loyal housekeeper, Signora Maria.

After more than a century, LA CASA DI FANO, as we, Signora Maria's relatives, still call it, keeps its ancient charm.

LA CASA DI FANO is not a “maison de charme”, but a real home of Fano’s high society of the XVIII century. For this reason we preferred to offer to the guests comfort instead of luxury, tradition instead of frills. Period furnitures and original pictures and photographs will bring you back in an exclusive atmosphere.

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